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Southern Martial Arts

Southern Martial Arts

“Training Strong, Self-Confident Kids and Teens”

Martial Arts Programs

Weekly classes help prepare your child for school, build self-confidence, and provide a place for them to run, play, and grow. All this is accomplished while having fun learning martial arts!

Karate Kids Programs

Our After School and Summer Camp programs provide quality care in a safe, nurturing and educational environment, utilizing appropriate martial arts activities to meet individual needs!

Contact Us

Reach out to us to learn more about the various programs we offer for children and teens. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in any way that we can!

Southern Martial Arts - MISSION

Our Mission

At Southern Martial Arts Our mission is to help you to become a more self-confident, stronger, fitter individual and adept in defending yourself.


We teach you how to defend yourself, empower you to achieve your goals, build your confidence and develop your “can-do-attitude”.


Our classes are separated by age group and skill level so you will always be in an environment where you will learn most effectively. You’ll improve your physical health and fitness, plus you’ll sharpen your mind, improve your reflexes and reactions to other challenges faced in life.

Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Provide a Variety of Physical and Mental Benefit for Children and Teens

Southern Martial Arts
Mental Benefits
Improved Concentration


Anger Managment


Better Self Image


Positive Attitude


Self Confidence

Better Grades


Self Esteem







Physical Benefits

Stress Reduction


Peripheral Vision


Dynamic Energy




Weight Loss

Muscle Tone









Southern Martial Arts - PERIPHERAL VISION
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